What to expect from a teacher trainer
16 Jul 2020

What to expect from a teacher trainer

Very often, we use lots of, sometimes, hard to explain terms related to teaching, education, and the learning process. Sometimes these terms are just a passing fashion and I feel that we have forgotten that the relationship between a teacher and his or her students is an old and quite simple one to describe. It is a relationship that, just as any other, is based on communication.

So the question would be what should a teacher communicate to make a student learn? Well the first answer would be concepts but nowadays that would be an incomplete one. We have to communicate ideas and concepts but also feelings, emotions, values… We have to help students become independent and capable so, the answer is not so simple.

Now, imagine that you, in your opositor role, are both a student and a teacher, so what should your teacher trainer do to make you learn? What should he or she communicate to you? I believe that, before teaching concepts or techniques such as what a curriculum is, what a learning outcome is or how to make students produce in the foreign language or what new app is the best tool you can use to work a block of contents, you have to understand that you will be able to pass the Oposiciones exam. Remember that many other people have already passed it before you and that that exam is not just for an élite of unrealistic beings that were born with a magical touch or an extremely brilliant mind (sometimes it is obviously the case; there are brilliant minds everywhere).

You have to understand and feel that you are capable although it is not easy. You need hard work, patience, more hard work and the guidance of a trainer that just wants you to do your best and, for this reason, they will support you and guide you trying to do all they can during the process.

By doing so, he or she will not only help you achieve your goal but they will also set an example and show how a good teacher should work to help students succeed in life.

In short, to pass you need build confidence, hard work and good examples.

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